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DHBW Dual University of Applied Sciences Baden-Württemberg Heidenheim

Terms of use for the Candidate Exchange of the DHBW Heidenheim


These terms of use explain to candidates the terms under which the use of the Candidate Exchange is allowed.

Purpose of the Candidate Exchange

Candidates for dual education system courses are brought into contact with dual education system partner companies for the purpose of ultimately entering into a training contract and starting dual education system studies at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperativ State University Heidenheim. Candidates enter relevant information into their profiles, by means of which the training companies can assess whether collaboration is possible. The partner companies can contact selected candidates by means of a built-in notification function.

The Candidate Exchange therewith complements the partner database on the DHBW website (http://www.partner.dhbwmannheim.de/partner-datenbank/#dynstate1), which allows candidates to find training companies. The Candidate Exchange goes one step further by enabling specific contact by identifying the interests and qualifications of the candidates.   

Access to the Candidate Exchange 

Access to the functions of the Candidate Exchange requires a user account and is password protected. Use of the service is very restricted without a user account and is limited to the public web pages with a description of the service.   

Usage authorization for creation of a candidate profile     

If you have appropriate University entrance qualification and are interested in studies at the DHBW Heidenheim, you can use this service free of charge and create a candidate profile. The use of this service is prohibited to other persons. Information in the profile can be amended by the user at any time.  

Usage authorization for dual education system partners

Dual education system partners of the DHBW Heidenheim have automatic authorization for usage of this service. Contact partners of these companies will be contacted and will receive a company account. If this has not been done for your company yet, please send an e-mail to bewerberboerse@dhbw-mannheim.de.

Usage of candidate data by the dual education system partners  

By registering on the Candidate Exchange, the dual education system partners warrant that they will exclusively use the candidate data in order to fill specific training positions in connection with a dual education system study program. Any use for other purposes and transfer to third parties is prohibited. The dual education system partners warrant compliance with the regulations of the German Federal Data Protection Act; in particular, candidate data that have not resulted in recruitment must be destroyed immediately.   

General rules of conduct for candidates

The following rules of conduct are acknowledged by the creation of a candidate profile:

  • Every person is allowed to create only a single profile.
  • The information in the candidate profile must be truthful. They have to exclusively refer to the named person and have to have been entered by the user him/herself.  Maintenance of a profile by a third person is prohibited.   
  • The user profile shall be protected against inappropriate use. Registration information shall not be transferred to anyone.
  • No attempt shall be made to get access to other candidate profiles or other areas of the Candidate Exchange. 
  • Compliance with all statutory regulations is strictly required; this applies in particular to the provisions for copyrights and all other intellectual property, the law on a person’s own image, on personal data, on corporate and business secrets and any other confidential information.
  • Communication by means of the notification function shall be polite and objective. Questions from companies shall be answered within 7 days at the latest. The DHBW Heidenheim reserves the right to delete candidate profiles without advance notice and to deactivate access in case of serious breaches of these rules of conduct.    

In order to prevent inappropriate usage, training partners have an option of reporting conspicuous profiles. These will subsequently be reviewed by the DHBW Heidenheim. The DHBW Heidenheim will also carry out random checks of individual candidate profiles. Fake and gag profiles shall be deleted immediately. Further prosecution of inappropriate use is expressly reserved. 

Review and validation of the reported mail address   

The so-called Double Opt-In procedure is used for creation of the candidate profile.  This means that an e-mail containing an activation link will be sent to the reporting mail address after the initial creation of the user account. The user and account and with it the candidate profile will only be created after activation of this link. This ensures that the reported mail address can be used for communication. 

Consent for data processing

By creation of the candidate profile and the continued use of this offer, the candidates consent to collection, processing and storage of their personal data and access by the employees of training partners of the DHBW Heidenheim and by administrators of the DHBW Heidenheim as described in the following segments.

By use of the offered company profile and registration on the website, the representatives of the dual education system partner companies consent to collection, processing and storage of their personal data and access by administrators of the DHBW Heidenheim as described in the following segments. Details about the collection, processing and storage of personal data can be found in the data protection information of the Candidate Exchange.   

Difference between deactivation and deletion of the candidate profile

If you deactivate your candidate profile it is no longer visible for training companies, but it can be activated again at a later time. If you delete your candidate profile, your personal data are deleted irreversibly.

Automatic deletion of candidate profiles

In order to ensure topicality of the Candidate Exchange, candidate profiles will be deleted automatically after 150 days.