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MathX³: Put yourself to the test! Which level can you reach?

MathX³ offers an opportunity for pupils and prospective students to review their knowledge by taking a short test. This test provides three different levels of difficulty, each containing ten questions. All tests are offered in German and can be taken anonymously without a prior personal registration.

Take a test!

MathX³ Test Level 1

The first level starts in a simple fashion with ten basic math questions concerning the use of mathematics in everyday life. If you manage to complete this level, you are headed in the right direction and you are familiar with the basics. If you can detect gaps in your knowledge, you should revise your math lessons from grade 8 to 10.

MathX³ Test Level 2

The second level already proves to be more difficult with tasks connected to a background of technical implementations that might make you ponder. Whoever completes this level has solid basic knowledge and can look forward to level three.

MathX³ Test Level 3

The third level is marked by an increase of the degree of difficulty – the application examples are more complicated and one might need prior knowledge of secondary school subject material. Participants who achieve a high score in this test have a high level of basic knowledge and know how to put it into practice!

MathX³ was developed at the Faculty of Engineering of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim.

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